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A New Era for Fossil Fuels

The Office of Fossil Energy and Environment (FE) is the focal point for Los Alamos' efforts in fossil energy R&D. As part of the Science Program Office, FE leads the program development related to research on the use of conventional and unconventional fossil fuels, including associated environmental challenges. FE also manages the portfolio of projects supported by DOE's Office of Fossil Energy, as well as projects supported by the Department of Interior and the USDA. Projections indicate that fossil fuels will continue to be the dominant energy source for the forseeable future, but the current geopolitical and environmental situation demands a new approach to energy consumption. Maintaining a prosperous global economy and a healthy environment will require a diverse portfolio of energy solutions, but perhaps most important in the short term is the development of advanced, carbon-free approaches to the entire fossil fuel cycle, from exploration and production to capture and storage of CO2 emissions.



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